General Approach

E-Tech academy prioritizes student success with regular testing, experienced faculty, and dedicated support. They offer parent-student counseling, attendance monitoring, and study materials for optimal learning.

Parent-student Counselling

When there seems to be a lack of commitment from children, efforts are made to get the parents and students both involved one-on-one.Every student’s attendance and test scores are intimated on a regular basis by phone, SMS, or email.


Attendance is mandatory for all lectures and examinations. Absenteeism is strongly discouraged, and only in an emergency will it be okay. Parents are asked to make sure that their kids show up on time and regularly for classes and tests.

Periodical tests & mock tests

Regular tests are an important part of the coaching program and are scheduled throughout the course.This in corporates Daily Practice Problems (DPP) as an added feature to ensure daily syllabus revision. In each subject, tests are given chapter by chapter, combination chapters, and the entire curriculum To ensure accuracy and comparative rankings, test papers are computer scored.


Each faculty member is professionally certified and experienced, ensuring special attention to each student’s individual needs and shortcomings.

Study material & study room for students

The study materials are authentic, thorough, and brief, and are professionally printed books/booklets. These eliminate the need to purchase or consult other books. We also have an exclusive study room designed for those who wish to self study in our premises. Study center facility is chargeable separately as per the required number of hours on monthly basis.


Disruptive behaviour and/or noncompliance with the institution’s norms and regulations would exclude students from continuing enrollment, exclusively at the expense and danger of the student’s own future. No portion of the payments would be returned in such circumstances.

Student Responsiveness

We work hard to help our students, and we expect them to do the same with sincere efforts.