About E-Tech

E-Tech Academy began as an institute in Kurla, Mumbai, in 2008, with around 1300 students.

Etech academy takes pride in producing top SSC, HSC, and NEET scorers.

Better Learning, Better Results.

E-Tech academy is the brainchild of Professor Moonis Syed. Founded in 2OO8 at Kurla West, we aim to bring to fruition the dream of thousands of aspiring medical, engineering and board exam students. With a Decade years of experience, E-Tech has provided exceptional coaching to manyyoung minds a legacy that continues till date.

Over a past decade, we at E-Tech have emphasised an helping students to understand conceptual knowledge – knowledge that lays the foundation of better results. Our highly qualified teachers are adept at understanding the art of playing to every candidate’s potential and bringing out the best in them.

With the latest advances in E-Tech at our disposal, we go beyond the chalk and board method of teaching to broaden our students’ horizon. As long as there is dedicated effort from your end, our exclusive courses are bound to get results as testified by our past experience. At E-Tech, we equip every student with the with the right infrastructure, ambience, faculty and experience that they need to excel.


Our highly qualified educators, equipped with the latest digital teaching tools, deliver meticulously designed pedagogy honed over 15 years of experience. We create a result-oriented environment that fosters conceptual understanding through engaging lessons and personalized support. Regular doubt sessions, weekly/monthly tests, and end-of-term assessments ensure thorough preparation and build confidence for exams. We go beyond academics, equipping students with valuable life skills to navigate future challenges. Invest in your child’s future – choose E-Tech Academy and witness their transformation into successful individuals.

10 Yrs Experience

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Qualified Teachers

Remarkable Results

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Regular doubt counter

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What Makes us Better in Education!

Right Guidance in any mode of teaching is the Stepping Stone for Succes

E-Tech contribution to education is evident through its highly successful alumni. Today as a result – oriented teaching methodologies, evaluation systems and a track record of academic achievement we have become one of the best and leading institutions in the field of education with fantastic results. These are the factors that make us better and a reliable brand when it comes to providing education par excellence.


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